How To Create Powerful Online Ads For Commercial Real Estate: Part 1

Powerful Online Advertising

Advertising online is a great way to get buyers or lessors for your commercial real estate. If you have never created an online ad though, you may be a little lost as to how to go about this process. In this four part series, we will go over how to create powerful online ads for commercial real estate so you can get the most money out of your investment.

Where To Put Your Commercial Real Estate Listings Online

There are tons of websites out there to place your commercial real estate listings on. Some marketing companies will post your ads to a number of these sites for you, but you might have to go about this on your own. We recommend you to download this list of the 300 best commercial real estate property listing websites, but you may also try some of the following options:


Information To Include In Your Listings

The more information you put online, the more interested people will be in buying or leasing from you. There are some key points that every commercial real estate ad should include though, such as:

  • Price
  • Building Or Lot Size
  • Location (Address, Nearest Intersection, And Nearby Points Of Interest)
  • Pictures
  • Contact Information (Name/Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address)
  • Property Description

We will go into more details about the property description in another part of this series, but just keep in mind that every ad you put out should have those components on it.

Free Listings vs. Paid Listings

Should you pay for your commercial property listings? That is entirely up to you. In some cases, free advertising on Craigslist is enough to get buyers and lessors calling non-stop. In other areas where Craigslist may not be that popular, it takes extra advertising to generate interest in your property. Compare the monthly costs associated with certain online advertising agencies and see if the leads you get will be worth the investment. If so, you could soon be on your way to the sale you need.

Keep reading other parts of our online advertising series to learn more about how to effectively market your commercial property.

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