How To Create Powerful Online Ads For Commercial Real Estate: Part 3

Powerful Online Advertising

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In the first two parts of our guide for creating powerful commercial real estate listings online, we discussed how to create an online ad and how to write a persuasive property description. In this section, we will go over how to take good photos to use in your real estate listings. A great set of photos could be the difference between slight interest and instant commitment. You of course want the latter. Here are some tips to ensure that your photos wow your audience.

Use A Good Camera

A lot of real estate agents use their smartphones to take photos of their properties, and in some cases, that’s perfectly fine. If you have an older phone though that takes halfway decent photos, it would be wise to invest in a good camera instead. Look for something that offers auto stabilization and panoramic photography, if possible. That way you can capture the vast size of your property and account for any limits you have in your photography skills.

Clean Up Before The Photo

Don’t take pictures with the trash overflowing in the dumpster. Make the property look as clean as possible before you start photographing it. It’s always a good idea to clean your commercial real estate anyway because that will make it easier to sell or lease out when people walk through it. They will know that you take care of your property and will feel comfortable working with you.

Take Pictures Of Major Problems

If there are any big concerns on the property, you need to make sure you have photos for it. For instance, if there is a hole in the roof that will need to be repaired, take a picture of it. If you just describe the issues in your listing, people will draw their own conclusions about it. They may assume the problem is much worse than it actually is. If you are honest about the issues in your ad, people will automatically trust you and your properties.

Wait For Good Lighting

If you can manage to take photos during a slightly overcast day, that is ideal. There is still enough light to see everything you need to see, but the sun is not so bright that it causes glares in your photo. Try to use natural lighting as much as possible, even in the interior photos. It will make your property look clean, happy, and desirable all at once.