How Facebook Could Grow Your Real Estate Business

Using Social Media And Facebook For Real EstateSocial media is beginning to make a huge impact on the way certain businesses operate. While there are many businesses who don’t get much at all out of Facebook, real estate agents seem to thrive here. If you are still relying on word of mouth to promote your commercial real estate business, you may want to spend time getting familiar with Facebook. It could make a big difference in your success moving forward.

What Facebook Does For Real Estate

Facebook gives you a platform to promote your property on that is fast, simple and effective. Rather than posting up ad after ad for your property, you can throw a few pictures on Facebook directly from your phone. Of course, you should still post ads and potentially have a website to inform commercial tenants about your real estate opportunities, but Facebook allows you o provide updates in real time. Get the word out as quickly as possible and it may sell or lease before you ever get a chance to place an ad.

What Facebook Does For Realtors

As a realtor, you can build a great reputation for yourself by using the tools Facebook has to offer. You can communicate with potential clients in a public forum so that others can see how knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive you are. This will build a level of trust that people may not otherwise get until they meet with you in person. Social media as a whole can work to build your online brand, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Using Facebook for Legal Protection

You can’t rely on Facebook to announce changes in your rental contracts or sales agreements. That all needs to be done through signed documents that you and the other party mutually have access to. With that in mind, you might be able to put information on your Facebook account to keep your business practices transparent at all times. If you are looking to get rid of a building and you have images posted on your Facebook account, a simple “as-is” disclaimer will let anyone looking know that you will not be negotiating repairs for the property. You still need to put that info in your sales contract, but at least this way everything is out in the open.

Setting up a Facebook account takes no time at all, and it could really do wonders for your business. Keep it in mind next time you pay for yet another ad in the phone book.