How To Create Powerful Online Ads For Commercial Real Estate: Part 2

Powerful Online Advertising

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In the first part of our commercial property online advertising guide, we talked about where to advertise your properties and what information you should include in your ads. In this section, we will go over how to write the perfect description for your commercial real estate to spark the interest of buyers and lessors. Read on to see what you can do to make your ads powerful, compelling, and worthy of taking action for.

Think Like A Buyer

If you were going to spend money on the property you are selling, what information would you like to know about it? For instance, if you are trying to lease out one of the stores in a strip mall you own, you might want to know about the other stores in the mall and the overall traffic flow that comes to the area. The best way to create a good ad for commercial real estate is to think like a buyer and then write what a buyer would want to know.

Make It About The Reader, Not You

Rather than saying “we offer” and “this property has,” try using phrases like “you could get” and “you will benefit from.” This puts the focus on the reader, not you or the property you are trying to sell/lease. When people feel like they are part of the ad, they are more likely to envision themselves in your space. This will quickly convert someone from a reader to a lead.

Use Keywords In Your Descriptions

Make sure to include keywords in your descriptions that people are likely to search for. These words will depend on the type of property you are trying to sell or lease out. For instance, in the strip mall example used above, you may use the terms “strip mall,” “commercial property,” “commercial real estate,” “mall space for lease,” “storefront for lease,” etc. You already know what people are looking for. Just make sure to include that information somewhere on your listing.

Tell The Truth No Matter What

You’re allowed to promote your commercial real estate in a positive light, but that does not mean that you should over-embellish in your ads. You still need to tell the truth about the state of the property, even if that means pointing out some flaws. Nevertheless, you can find ways to make these flaws positive too, like “ready to customize” instead of “needs remodeling.” Be honest in your ads while still being a good salesman. You’ll get the leads you need every time.

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