Standing Out in a Bid Request Part 2

Stand Out In Bid Requests

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Companies should realize they are not there to offer up their life history. Based on my observations, evaluators will often times lose interest midstream. Also, the person(s) presenting need to be dynamic, engaging and be able to effectively articulate or highlight and answer “why” the evaluators should retain this company. Just think about how attentive and refreshed you would be after hearing 5-8 companies pitch the same project. After awhile, it becomes confusing and can become pretty overwhelming.

Frequently, my impression after observing numerous evaluations, I would often walk away thinking there was no clear cut “winner” and believing that several of the companies that presented their bid could do an outstanding job. Assuming three of the companies could without a doubt deliver a great product or service, the question for the evaluators would turn to who really set themselves apart and who did they believe, based on their presentation would be a “committed partner.” This is particularly critical in the service industry.

No institution, organization or government entity wants to be pregnant with a deal or in the middle of a transaction and realize they made a horrible mistake in judgment. This is analogous to clients that would come to me with a stack of construction documents and ask me to review them because they wanted to build their dream home with a particular developer. Before going any further, and recognizing that every set of residential construction documents I have ever reviewed, heavily favor the builder, I would ask my client… “How many times has this residential builder been sued by their clients.” I would also ask them to get a number of references. Sure the contractual arrangement is important, but how many clients want to be embroiled in a lawsuit with a builder when things go south and their money is tied up with this builder. Nobody wins in a lawsuit so I always encourage prevention. One of the most compelling statements I’ve ever heard from a builder was that in 30 years in the industry, he has never been sued because he always worked through the issues.

The question isn’t really are issues going to arise… One should assume unanticipated circumstances and situations will arise. Rather the question is more about whether you engage a committed partner to effectively work with you on viable solutions. If you are able to effectively convey this to a potential vendor, you will have set yourself apart from the rest. We are available to consult with companies on preparing bids, or responding to RFP’s or to working on effectively presenting. We will research an industry and analyze the RFP or bid in relation to the organization’s needs and expectations in a bid process. We can value bill, hourly bill or work on monthly retainers, depending on what is most suitable for the client. Call us today 313.468.4932.